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dt (docker-tool)


dt (docker-tool) is a command-line tool for Docker operations.

It is not like many other tools, you don’t need to build it. All of it is a single bash. Magic!
I have been using it for nearly 1 year, and it improves my efficiency of using Docker distinctly.

It’s not just an alias

dt gives you more commands that Docker doesn’t give you.

dt net

Get the network type and info.
You can even get the veth pair info of a container if it is using the “default” NetworkMode. This is very helpful when debugging the network.



dt ns-net

Enter the network namespace of a container.
So that you can use the utils installed on your server to debug the container inside network.


dt ssh

Go inside both container or image, automatically choose to use bash or sh.

Before this, you always type
docker exec -it xxx /bin/bash, and then find that there is no bash in the container, then change to sh. Or, type
docker run -it --rm --entrypoint /bin/bash xxx to get into an image. Now, you only need the dt ssh.



Powerful shortcuts

If you have tired with repeating typing the following commands, you can try the dt ones.

dt pid

Get the pid of a container.


dt ps & dt img

Search (or list) the containers and images.



dt logs

Short for docker logs --tail=50 -f <container-id/name>.

More features, you can check dt help.

If you like docker-tool, please reward the repo a STAR. 🌟


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